Concept of joint curricula


Concept of joint curricula



The purpose of this project is to foster young researchers who have profound knowledge of the research fields of bio- and chemical processes and who can actively engage in the field on the international stage. The project enables graduate students and young faculty members to have an opportunity to engage in research and education activities in bi-national environment.


 The specific features of the project are:


1.Exchanging doctoral students between Osaka University and Aachen University for a period of up to 10 months to give them opportunities to receive intensive lecture and research guidance including doctoral dissertation research under the joint supervision as well as participating in joint seminars and symposia.


2.Exchanging academic teaching professionals for 1-2 weeks for lecturing and providing research guidance at the counterpart university as well as giving instructions of doctoral dissertations to graduate students.


3.Exchanging young faculty from each university for a period of up to 10 months to give them opportunities to engage in a joint research.


4.An annual joint symposium will be held in alternate years in Aachen and in Osaka with the first year theme “Environmentally Benign Bio- and Chemical Processes.” Graduate students will participate in these symposia and to present their research in English.